Prince Harry's Bride-To-Be, Meghan, Shares Her Go-To Workout Routine For A Great Body

Date January 12, 2018

The royal wedding is around the corner, and we are all waiting anxiously for the huge day.

Meghan and her forthcoming wedding to Prince Harry.

As the preparation heats up, from picking wedding venue to the choice of wedding gown, Meghan is not leaving us in the dark, not even in the little things.


The famed actress fiancé of Prince Harry shared hints on how she's preparing her body for the big day, she recently shared her favorite workouts for a great shape.

Her routine exercise in preparation for the wedding.

The future royal princess is a big fan of Pilate platinum, designed for the Lagree Fitness Method to tighten, strengthen and tone the body safely and fast. The Megaformer consists of two fixed platforms, one moving platform called the Carriage, handles, and cables.

Markle describes it as the utmost best thing anyone could do for their body! She also added:

You keep coming back for several reasons: first off, your body changes immediately…give it two classes and you will see a difference.

One may wonder why the Pilates Platinum studio has the praise of Markel. But who else could give a better answer than Sebastien Larger, the creator of the famous Megaformer machine?

[The Megaformer] was designed to provide a high intensity but low impact workout.


Whereas the traditional Pilates Reformer Machines, are used to rehabilitate muscles, this new version is designed for high-intensity workouts.

High-intensity workouts leave your body burning fat even after you have stopped and is recommended that one attends the class two to three times a week, with mostly visible "shrinkage" by the third class.

We are not sure if Meghan has continued her Pilate workout routine in England, but for the quick results, the workout plan promises, Meghan who is a huge benefactor is likely to add it to her wedding preparations.


Steps anyone can take to do the same exercises.

If you have access to the megaformer or the studio then waste no time, get your body in great shape. And even if you don't, there is a great way to do some exercises and get the same amazing results using little or no equipment.

All you need is a slippery floor, towel or paper plate, even a piece of paper, maybe a resistance band.

And here five of the numerous workouts that are done on the mega transformer you can do in the comfort of your home.

1. Mountain Climbers

Take a full plank position with the towel under your feet. Then one after the other, pull each knee towards your chest as you slide your foot on the towel.

2. Knee Tucks

Taking the same startup position, this time you pull both knees at the same time towards your chest. Ensure that your hips don't drop in the process.

3. Squat Slides

Beginning by standing with one foot on the towel and most of your weight on the other, take a squat position. Then slide the foot on the towel away from your body and back in. Do this 15-20 times and then change your foot.

4. Feet Pikes

Similar to the Knee Tucks, but this time, really engage those lower abs to pull the hips up into a pike position while keeping the legs straight. Then use your abs to lower the hips back down, making sure you don’t let those hips sag.

5. Side Lunge

Keep your weight on one foot, and the other foot flat on the towel. Lower the leg with the weight into a 90-degree lunge position, and slide the other leg out to the side while squatting in the process.

Now you can get in great shape with these exercises that torch your core and entire body, leaving you shedding all day.

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