Celebrity Pets Have Their Own Social Media Accounts With Many Followers

Date December 29, 2017

Actors, entertainers, and celebrities all live and breathe like every other human being. Moreover, they love and have pets.

Celebrities are pet-lovers too

Interestingly, some of these pets are as famous as their human guardians. These dogs, cats, or other furry friends are so famous that they have many followers. Scrolling through their accounts will only make your day in the cutest way.

The spectacular Instagram accounts of celebrity pet

Wacha Cohen was in a shelter in West Virginia before he was rescued by Andy Cohen. Wacha’s photos have captured the hearts of numerous fans all over the world.

We’re just gonna snuggle today ????????????

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Karl Lagerfeld, the fashion icon, owns a cat. Please check the photos of this amazing pet.

Kylie Jenner's famous Italian greyhounds are as beloved as they are famous. Their Instagram account boasts more than 456k followers.

Thug Life

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Shanti’s Instagram account features memes and characteristic photos that are just reflective of her human owner, Miley Cyrus.


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sleepover 4ever w mommy @mileycyrus

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French Bulldog, Gary, lost his ‘mom’, the legendary Carrie Fisher. He still has a strong following on social media as well as a busy work schedule having been featured in the new Star Wars episode.

Aleister Von Teese is the Devonshire Rex cat of American neo-burlesque dancer, Dita Von Teese. Most of its photos feature the celebrity cat lounging around or staring back at its over 100k followers.


A post shared by Aleister Von Teese (@aleistervonteese) on


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Instagram accounts of celebrity pets show us their world and ordinary life. We just cannot get enough of it.

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