Robbie Williams Spent 7 Days In Intensive Care Due To Brain "Abnormalities"

Date December 18, 2017 14:52

Robbie Williams, the English singer-songwriter and former Take That member, has enjoyed massive success as a solo artist with award-winning albums and chart-topping singles. The singer who canceled his Russian tour a few months back finally speaks up about the real reason of that decision.


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The Zurich show: How it all started

The singer, who last performed in Zurich, says he started experiencing the symptoms while being backstage in Zurich during his heavy entertainment tour.

My left arm went numb and I couldn’t stop dribbling out of the side of my mouth.


He also said he had a headache and troubles with breathing. A doctor was called backstage to check him out. After the show, however, the symptoms didn't go away, so Robbie decided to make a checkup before continuing with his tour.

From tour to seven days in intensive care

Robbie went to London to run some tests, and the result was more serious than he thought.

I had blood tests done, and I had various scans including ones of my heart and my brain, and there were some abnormalities found, including something on my brain that looked like blood.

The abnormality found in his brain led to intensive care and the subsequent cancellation of his tour. His wife Adya couldn't be with him at the time as she was taking care of their two children, but Robbie received the best care in the medical facility.


After seven days, he was released, but the specialists advised him to take better care of his health.

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About Robbie Williams

Robert Williams, 43, rose to fame as a member of the boy band in the early 90s. His subsequent exit from the group didn't derail his rise to stardom as he experienced a successful career as a solo artist.


A multiple award winner and an inductee to the UK Music Hall of Fame, Robbie is rated as one of the best-selling artists of all time and entered the Guinness Book of records after selling 1.6 million tickets in a day for his world tour back in 2006.

After spending days in intensive care, the singer is glad to spend time with his family and is following his doctor's advice of taking things easy. He said the experience gave him a new outlook on life, and he will now pay more attention to his health.

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Robbie Williams