Magic Realism: 15 Stunning Paintings By A Talented Canadian Artist, Rob Gonsalves

Date February 23, 2018

Meet amazing Canadian artist Rob Gonsalves whose unusual works will totally mess with your brain. Rob was keen on drawing since childhood, but having mastered different architectural techniques, he turned to surrealism, creating unusual paintings that challenge your perception and make you take a second look in order to figure out what is real in his art.

Who is Rob Gonsalves?

Rob Gonsalves was born in Toronto. He had been interested in drawing since he was a kid. His vibrant imagination lets him see the world from a different perspective. He studied architecture and worked in an architecture firm for a few years, but after getting his first success at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition in 1990, he decided to solely focus on his art. The works of Salvador Dali and René Magritte made a huge impact on Gonsalves and turned him to surrealism, or as the author himself called it, a magic realism.

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The artist started selling his paintings in a gallery near Washington, D.C. Rob was also a talented musician, the artist played in a band during his youth, and later was learning how to play the saz, a musical instrument form the string family of Middle Eastern origin.

Check out these Rob's 15 masterpieces and try to find a boundary between the stories the artist is telling via his awesome illusions.

1. Aspiring Acrobats

2. Autumn Cycling


3. The Space Between Words

4. Ladies of the Lake

5. The Sun Sets Sail

6. Big Air


7. Water Dancing

8. Star Dust

9. Over the Moon

10. Fall Floating

11. The Weaving of a Spring Dream

12. The Arboreal Office


13. Beyond the Reef

14. Making Waves

15. Eclipse Flower

Sad news

Unfortunatelly, on June 14, 2017, Rob, 57, left the world on his own terms, taking his life on a beautiful summer day. He was an accomplished artist and musician who created impressive works of art that were loved and appreciated all over the world.

His family and friends are still wondering why he made a decision to end his life, but the answer will never be found.

The amazingly talented artist left our world too early, but his legacy will never be forgotten.

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