After A Terrifying Stroke At 43, Sharon Stone Had To Learn How To Speak Again

Date February 13, 2018 16:52

Sharon Stone may not have started out bagging major roles in her acting careers, but the years following her entrance into Hollywood were more colorful. Her performance in Basic Instinct earned her a cult following.

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With further appearances on big screen hits like Casino and The Muse, this stunning actress is an example of hard work and dedication.

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Besides acting, she also manages a family. Sharon is a mother of three children, all of whom are adopted.

Sharon suffers an autoimmune deficiency that does not allow her to carry babies to term. She was unable to have kids of her own. But she says she is blessed by the children she adopted. They mean the world to her.

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Surviving a stoke

Back in 2001, Sharon suffered a stroke. She was 43 at the time. After the incident, she had a hard time getting her life back on track. She had to learn how to do everyday things, such as walking, talking speaking, and even writing.

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According to her, the stroke was an event that 'changed her life forever'. For Sharon, the event hit close to home after she watched a documentary titled My Beautiful Broken Brain. The documentary was about a woman suffering from brain hemorrhage.

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According to Sharon, watching the documentary was a touching experience. It made her reflect on her struggles in relation to the trauma the lady it featured.

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Sharon made a comeback to acting after her recovery in Law & Order: SVU (2010). The experience was a bit frightening, but it helped her get her confidence back.

I'd lost my photographic memory, so I didn't know how to do my lines, but now I'm really together.

Now, she features as a regular on HBO’s Mosaic.

Staying healthy

After the incident, Sharon has committed herself to healthy routines that keep her stress free. Her story is a note to people who may work under a lot of pressure. Strokes can be avoided. For people who suffer high blood pressure, ensure you get regular checks.

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Smoking contributes to the occurrence of strokes. Also, it is advisable to stay physically active and exercise on a regular basis. This is highly advisable for people who live a sedentary lifestyle.

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Some of the common symptoms of a stroke are dizziness, visual impairment, and loss of coordination. It is advisable to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

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