Was Elvis Presley Really A Devout Christian?

Date April 18, 2018 14:31

There is a theory that religion or faith and Hollywood don’t mix so well. But that does not stop some celebrities from openly expressing their beliefs.


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Singer and actor Reba McEntire owes a lot of her Christian upbringing to her grandmother. She openly admits that her faith in God is a big influence on her career.

Tom Hanks converted to the Greek Orthodox church just before he got married to his second wife, Rita Wilson, in 1988. He is still an ardent member of the fold and even appeared on posters in Russia, promoting the church.


Country music star Tim McGraw is also on the list of celebrities who are Christians. He is a Baptist and also credits most of his success to his faith.


Was Elvis a true Christian?

The King of Rock and Roll was legendary for his suggestive lyrics and sensual ballads. In the span of his career, he sold millions of records and sold out shows time and again.

But one side a lot of people did not see was his passion for Gospel music and Jesus Christ. His renditions of "He Touched Me," "Amazing Grace," and "Rock My Soul" were a somber and more spiritual side to the funk-loving bad boy.

However, this image of Elvis was far from the image he cut on a regular basis. During the latter part of his career, the late icon battled with drug addiction, constant illness, and food. Ultimately, these demons led to his early demise.

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Although his fans held him in the highest esteem, Elvis was never one to gloat. It is said that once during a concert, he noticed a massive banner that read ‘Elvis is King’. But Elvis stopped his performance and said:

No honey, I’m not the King. Christ is the King. I’m just a singer.


If this was indeed true, did Elvis just declare his belief in Jesus Christ and his recognition of a higher power? Was he a devout Christian, or did he use opportunities like this to make fans love him more?

Arguments sway either way

Elvis Presley’s faith has always been in contention and for good reason. The picture of a Christ-loving and still sensually-gyrating superstar was hard to swallow. Responding to an article by, a commentator named Roy said he believed Elvis may have believed in God but probably was not living a Christian life.


However, another commentator insists that it is the nature of a man’s heart, his generosity and drive to live right that determined if they were Christian or not.

In the end, the ultimate answer to the question remains unanswered, and perhaps no one better than Elvis himself could put an end to speculations.

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