$16,000 For Helping A Customer: A Young Waffle House Waitress Receives A Scholarship For Her Kind Help


18-year-old waffle house waitress, William, becomes popular after she helps a struggling customer to cut his food. After the photo of the process got on the Internet, the server at a Houston-area diner receives $16,000 for her kind act.


This caring world

The world is small as we are told, but there are people with hearts of gold. William is not the only one to become famous for her act of care. Recently, the students at Clements High School in Athens have presented their favorite history teacher, whose 12-year dog had run away, a small puppy, making him shed a tear of joy.

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As soon as there are still caring people in this world, there is nothing to fear, especially if those people are similar to William.

An act of kindness.

The morning on March 10 was hectic as always. People ordering breakfasts didn’t stop coming. One of the customers, however, attracted more attention than the others. An elderly man with the oxygen was sitting at the counter, vividly having problems with his meal:

My hands are not functioning too well.

William understood that the grandpa required help, and even though she was quite busy, she has spent a few moments to satisfy her needed client. Laura Wolf who was conveniently sitting right behind the situation made a photo of the process.

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Later, she made a post on her Facebook page that immediately went viral. The media rushed to the waitress’ workplace to interview the hero of the day.

However, the biggest surprise for William was the present from Texas Southern University that offered her $16,000 scholarship to study business management. Luckily, the teenager has already proved that she knows how to deal with the customers.

Internet reaction.

People’s reaction is adorable. They highly appreciate William’s action. That is a great example of how the modern youth have to live their lives. Let God bless William.

We all hope she will find what she preaches for in the university to become even a better person.

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