Angels In Disguise: Celebrities Doing Unbelievable Charity Donations

Date February 21, 2018

If you haven’t heard of how the celebrities spend money on charity, it doesn’t mean they really avoid doing it.


Luke Wilson’s recent feat.

A philanthropic activity doesn’t always involve raising funds. A recent example of Luke Wilson’s brevity showed that the Hollywood stars are also people.

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The three-car accident happened on February 14, involved the actor’s Toyota and two other cars, one belonging to a 50-year-old woman. The witness of the crash states that Luke immediately rushed to help the injured driver even though he could smell some smoke around.


Now the woman is recovering in the hospital and feels unbelievably grateful.

Merciful celebrities

Some actors feel responsible indeed for the society and environment and do everything possible to influence the current state of events. For example, Leonardo DiCaprio organized a foundation that has raised over $61 million since 1998, to support more than 65 various organizations featuring environmental protection, human rights, and other.


Bill Gates together with his wife Melinda, have already donated totally $5 billion for different medical needs, including HIV treatment and malaria vaccines.

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Elton John is also owning a foundation organization that helps the people suffering from AIDS and similar diseases.


Raising totally $220 million towards the problem research, the celebrity, as well as the previously mentioned ones, don’t boast about it in public.

Charity database

If you are curious about other celebrities and their donations, there are two helpful resources to track the financial operations of different organizations. Those are Charity Watch and Charity Navigator.

It is wonderful to know that the world is not doomed; that there are still the wealthy ones who are eager to make the life on the planet more comfortable.


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