Amazing Baddie Winkle: 89-Year-Old Granny Who Has Swept The Instagram Public Off Their Feet


March 7, 2018 18:10 By Fabiosa

89-year-old granny becomes an Instagram celebrity with her fashionable and sometimes controversial style. Baddie Winkle is a star for a few years now and is not going to slow down. People recognize her on the street, her photos get thousands of likes, and the Hollywood celebrities follow her on Instagram. What else can you wish on the verge of celebrating a 100-year anniversary?

Life after 60.

Elderly celebrities is not a new trend nowadays. The world has been speaking about 86-year-old model Carmen Dell’Orefice for years from now and is always excited to see her new appearances.


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The officially oldest living model, whose career began more than 70 years ago, looks fabulous and is a great example of everlasting beauty. Despite working as a model for such a long time, she gained extra popularity in the last 25 years, showing that elderly people also deserve much recognition.


Elderly superstar

Similarly to Carmen, Baddie began to gather fans at a senior age. She was 84 when her great-granddaughter Kennedy posted a photo with Helen (Baddie’s real name) in cut-off jean shorts and a tie-dyed shirt that has been liked 20,000 times overnight.

Her extravagant style has already gathered her 3,3 million subscribers. Moreover, she has been followed by a few celebrities from the Hollywood top – Miley Cyrus, Nicole Richie, and Gwen Stefani. By the way, Baddie is only 700,000 subscribers short of Richie’s number of followers – sounds impressive, doesn’t it?

She's always been just very outrageous in general. She's always flirted with boys, she's just always been different than other grandma's I've known.

Kennedy is her great-grandmother’s stylist and advisor. She helps Baddie with Instagram and follows the latest trends. The celebrity granny visits reality shows, becomes the face of different fashion lines, and simply amazes the fans with her presence.

Celebrity friends

She has been posting a lot of photos on a daily basis and even has a few that she can really boast of.

Mylie Cyrus, Fergie, Nicole Richie, and a lot of other superstars have appeared on her Instagram.

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We are happy to witness the modern history of social media being created in our eyes and want to wish Baddie Winkle to continue pleasing us with her incredibly bright photos.


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