Joan Cheever's 'Chow Train' Has Already Helped Over 100,000 People In Need, And It Is Not Going To Stop

Date March 23, 2018 17:37

When Joan Cheever got fed up with her naughty children, wanting everything they would ask for, she took their dinner, put it into the car and showed that there were people who were really in need, and even some food could easily make them happy. The educative lesson became the beginning of a life-long mission of helping the homeless.


Spontaneous saving

The accidental occasion not only can become a funny memory but also saved the life of a completely unknown person. That is exactly what happened with a woman that unwillingly sent the pictures of her new dress to a wrong number. The receiver turned out to be a father of five children with the exceptional sense of humor.

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His reply took the Twitter users by the storm, so they demanded to develop the story. Further research showed that one of the kid had an unfortunate diagnosis – leukemia, so with the gained popularity, the family received thousands of donations from the indifferent people.

Honorable help

The people who are interested in the fate of others, like the Cheevers family, should be praised at least with the Nobel Peace Prize.

© Demar Gunter / YouTube

When Joan started her campaign, she didn’t realize that after 13 years of her volunteering she would serve more than 100,000 meals to people in need. She began with San Antonio, her local neighborhood.

Joan started with her husband, but later on, they were supported by other people who felt the obligation to help the ones in need:

It started off as a family thing. Then mothers of my friends’ kids started calling and saying, ‘Are you going to go out and serve people food? Can I send my kid over to help'?

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After buying a truck, the Cheevers family went on the entirely new level. The local traders began to provide them with the food that stays on the shelves of their markets. Joan had to go back to the school of culinary arts and even got a degree:

I never know quite what the meal is going to be on Tuesday. I feel like my basket is full of interesting ingredients and I have to make them work.

The family also visited 12 places that suffered from the disasters, and the people around there required help. Those locations included Joplin, Missouri, in 2011; Moore, Oklahoma, in 2013; the Gulf Coast and Texas after Hurricane Harvey.

Join the business

The Chow Train waits for everyone who is eager to help the people in need.

There is a website where you can easily donate in favor supporting Joan and her family in their high-minded business.

So, do not be ignorant. People on the streets are also the human beings, and if you have no possibility to help them with the resources, maybe all they need is a nice conversation to share their touching story.

© Demar Gunter / YouTube

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