No Ring For Prince Harry? Why The Royal May Refuse To Wear A Wedding Band

Date March 12, 2018

Time flies and the most awaited royal wedding of the XXI century is almost here. Among all the traditions that will be performed during the ceremony, there is one that is perhaps quite ambiguous and worth noting – Prince Harry might not wear a wedding ring. Why is that? What induced 33-year-old man say no to the ceremonial band? Let’s break it down.

Wedding traditions

According to the long-standing royal traditions, there must be some formal but obligatory procedures done before the actual marriage, and of course, all of them are related to her majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.


One of the most important among them is asking for approval. As the person who decides everything, the queen must also choose who will perpetuate her legacy. The names of the royals are also changed, so that is why you might know Kate Middleton as Duchess Catherine.


Children at the wedding are also an integral part of the ceremony as they are the implementation of purity, kindness, and sanctity. However, some royal traditions may simply defy the understanding.


No ring

It all started with Prince Philip who has married Queen Elizabeth back in the middle of XX century. He just never wore a wedding band. The modern rule-breaker became Prince William, who tied the knot with Kate in 2011.


His ring finger is also empty, and the royal correspondents have provided the official comments on this:

He doesn’t like jewelry, and the Palace issued a statement before their wedding saying so.

Wearing a ring is unbelievably quite a modern tradition and is vastly adopted in Britain.

However, for the aristocracy that is not quite common. Similarly to his forerunners, prime minister David Cameron has also decided not to wear the wedding ring.

Family habit

Both Prince Harry and The Palace stay silent about the issue for now.


Will the royal keep up with his brother and leave his finger without a band? Or will he stay in sympathy with Meghan and allow her to put the ring on his hand? Well, only time will tell us.


Prince Harry