Recommended By Kate Moss, Approved By Reese Witherspoon: Quick Guide On Easy Mornings

Date March 5, 2018

Morning vivacity is a rare thing to meet today. Most of us find it difficult to get up early really, being unable to open our eyes to get prepared. But wait, there is more – every person can be a zinger in the mornings. Everything you need to do is not to be lazy and have a strict schedule of your daily routine.

Still, don’t believe? Let’s ask our celebrities about it, as they are the ones who inspire people to do real things.


Everyday struggle.

The first and foremost hint for you to be an early bird is to stay hydrated all the time. Water is life, so try to drink as much as possible according to your daily need. Your skin needs moisturizing. Start your morning with a shower but do not make it too warm. Motivate your body to move and your skin to be amazing.

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You are what you eat, so your daily diet should be regulated properly. No coffee and more healthy food. Fruits are the basis of a strong body and a clear mind.


Anyway, it is much easier to look at real examples and listen to the recommendations that helped achieve a real result.

Guide to perfect mornings

Recently, Instagram has been captivated by millions of hashtags about #selfcare. People share their recommendations, results, and questions about keeping fit.

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Little did they know that long ago before the movement, two sisters Nadia Narain and Katia Narain Phillip were working on the ideal recipe for a healthy body and, particularly, easy mornings.

Their recent book (Self-care for the Real World) has become a bestseller in Hollywood, and has already gathered positive feedback from a few celebrities including Reese Witherspoon:

It's a manual for everyone about real health from the inside out.


And Kate Moss:

I want to give this book to everyone I know!


The secret of the morning easiness lies in a few easy tips:

1. Water

It is preferable to avoid drinking anything that includes caffeine in the morning. Water will substitute those beverages perfectly.


2. Rise early

Even though it may sound unbelievable, set your alarm clock 30 minutes before you need to get up. As you develop the habit, this half an hour will turn into a day-saving time soon.

3. Meditation

No need to follow any correct technique. Simply sit down on your pillows comfortably and stop thinking about everything.


4. Green food

That is not about the color but rather about health – nature has chosen green as the color of life for a specific reason – all the food of this color should be included in your diet.

5. Just move

The more you move, the lighter your body becomes. And it is not only about weight. Your mornings will be so easy if your organism will get used to the active daily regime.

Your face - a window to the soul

Also, pay enough attention to your washing habits. Your face is a mirror of your soul that is why keep it clean and hydrated. It is also recommended to use soap, cream, and oil to saturate your shiny cheeks with freshness and health.


People are lazy creatures by their nature, but with the right approach and enough determination, it will be so easy to get through the barrier of self-neglect.

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