Axe For Your Hair: Young Stylist Uses Exotic Instrument To Create Amazing Haircuts

Date March 8, 2018

Hair is perhaps the most versatile part of your body that you can experiment with the most . Make it long, cut it short, curl it down, shave it all; dye it, highlight it, strengthen it, and hundreds other ways to change your style.

The ones that implement the current trend are the celebrities who can change their haircut pretty much every week. However, they do not create the style; they are rather the mannequins for improvisation. Their hairdressers are doing all the job, but sometimes, boring cutting becomes too tedious.


Modern trends

2018 has already chosen its preferable hairstyle trends. If the previous year celebrities were simply fond of long bob (Cara Delevingne, Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, Chloe Grace Moretz), this time, the fashion will be absolutely opposite.

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The extended version of that haircut will give place to the classic one, with a few celebrities already testing it at the beginning of the new year (Miranda Kerr, Olivia Wilde, Jennifer Lawrence).

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Axe haircut

Their stylists work extremely well, but what differs them from the today’s hero is the choice of the instrument. When you come to your hairdresser, perhaps the last thing you suppose him to take is an axe.

For Daniil’s clients, that is a normal experience. A young stylist is proud of his extreme haircut and has a queue of eager ones to make their hair with a real axe. Istomin has developed his specific technique of cutting which lets him quickly achieve the desired result. He uses no other instruments but an axe, and has perfectly learnt how to swing it like a real jaeger.

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Internet reaction

However, the internet reaction is quite ambiguous. A lot of people simply don’t understand the fashion created by the Russian stylist. Others can’t perceive what makes people put their head under the axe.

The method is definitely unique and is worth being seen. The other question to decide upon is whether you want to try it or not.

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