Meeting Melissa McCarthy As A Producer And Learning About What She Regrets Doing As A Youngster

Date March 5, 2018 15:08

Melissa McCarthy tells her fans what she would advise the younger self if she could travel back in time. Alongside with the upcoming movie, the 47-year-old actress is now trying her producing skills, finishing the Walmart commercial that will run during this year’s Oscars. The ad will feature a woman that finds a way to talk to the younger version of herself. Melissa feels excited about her new role and looks forward to meeting the online presentation of her creation.


Amazing help

Mrs. McCarthy is now a mother of two amazing children, Vivian, 10, and Georgette, 7, and together with her husband actor Ben Falcone, they are a perfect example of a happy family.


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Melissa is also known for having a tender character that she has recently proved during the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

She took part in a story where the Jacksons family desperately required finances to let the daughter enter the college. Melissa gladly agreed to help, presenting $25,000 and together with the rest of donations, Jaida and her mother Chassidy have totally received $82,000. Check the video to enjoy Melissa getting prepared for her new movieLife of the Party.

Time travel ad

As to McCarthy’s role as a producer, she claims that the commercial is going to be a success. The new Walmart ad will feature a woman that opens a box and finds a portal to her past.


The first thing that comes to mind is solving the mistakes that have been made, that is why Melissa was asked what she would recommend the younger self if she had an opportunity to travel through time:

If I could go back in time and tell my 10-year-old self anything, I would tell her: 'Don’t worry about what other people think, or about whether you’re doing what they think is the right thing. The things you worry about now, they mostly won’t matter. So just follow your heart'.


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The new commercial will appear on the Oscars in the shortened 60-second variant and will be also available online as an extended ad.

New role

The upcoming movie, featuring both Melissa as an actress and her husband Ben Falcone as a director, is going to hit the screens in summer 2018.

The trailer speaks volume, and we are all looking forward to watching another hilarious comedy movie with McCarthy’s exquisite play.

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