Unfailing Love Between The American Homeless And Swedish Author Helps Them Create An Adorable Family

Date March 20, 2018

41-year-old author meets her true love under a bush and marries a homeless to live a happy life for already more than ten years. The odd couple is now having two beautiful twin-kids and can’t imagine their life without each other.

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Amazing makeover

Miracles happen more often in nowadays, modern life, and witnessing them makes people cheerful and inspired, showing them the possibilities of life. This is exactly what has happened to Jose Antonio’s friends. The man who has been struggling to save his life on the streets, working just enough to survive, had gone through the unbelievable makeover when a local hair salon offered him their services for free. The result is definitely worth watching.

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Unbelievable match

Changing your appearance is a great achievement if you are homeless, but finding your true love when you are living under a bush is an unbelievable feat. Vic Kocula was determined to see the world when he set up for a journey around Europe, but ended with his home under a bush in Amsterdam, drinking alcohol day and night.

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He simply ran out of money to continue traveling and didn’t think like returning to America at all. However, he didn’t expect Emmy Abrahamson, a Swedish author, to notice him one day:

Straight away, I could see he was homeless because he was very dirty and so were his hands and fingernails. He was holding a briefcase, which I thought only crazy people did, and later on I found out that's where he held his sleeping bag and cans of beer.

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They had a lovely chat, and Vic invited her for a date that was supposed to be their last meeting, as Emmy had to go back to her home in Vienna. The telephone number the author left to the homeless was rather a desperate move than the glimmer of hope, but you can only imagine her surprise when three weeks later Vic called her and told that he came to Vienna to be with her.

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Ten years later, the couple is having a truly happy family and two twin children, living a careless life.

Amazing book

Inspired by her own story, Emmy has soon presented her fiction book, called How to Fall In Love with a Man Who Lives in a Bush. The writing depicts the events happened in the life of the couple to show the world that unfailing love really exists.