Shake It Up And Move Your Hips: An Elderly Couple Will Show You Some Dancing Tips

Date February 26, 2018

An elderly couple is living their entire life with dances, and they always keep pace with the trend.


Vigorous Elders

The Latin-American pair is perhaps the coolest grandparents for their grandchildren. Their relationship goals don’t include gardening, bingo gaming, and watching TV. They are the ones that hit the floor low and put their hands up to the sky.

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In December, the internet exploded with the video of two old people moving in the extremely passionate way on the celebration.

While the granddad was showing how swift he can be, the granny backed it up on him. Perhaps, you would never believe, unless you saw a video of the proof.

Instant Popularity

Later on, the couple decided to create the Instagram account and show the world that it was not a single instance.

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The page now has more than 500 posts and up to a hundred videos, where the adorable elders demonstrate their exquisite dance mastery.

They are usually planning and announcing the places that they are going to attend, so if you want to get acquainted with Ganas Con Canas, be sure you are subscribed to the account not to miss the next show.

Forever Together

All around the world, there are not so many people who devote so much love and time to each other.


Moreover, the couples who are so crazy for each other and share their love online are extremely rare.

That is why you should remember about your beloved one wherever you go and under any circumstances.

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Dancing Tips