Blind Dating: 24-Year-Old Canadian Blogger Lost Her Eyesight At 14 But Never Stopped Dating Men

Date April 19, 2018

Beauty is a relative term, and such people as Molly Burke will prove you that it is not about the appearance. She is blind. 24-year-old blogger and motivational speaker can’t see people near her, but that doesn’t mean she never had a boyfriend.


Disabled blogging

Disability is not a verdict. Nowadays, society understands that regardless of how you look, your beauty is unique. That is why the stylish photos on a wheelchair made 20-year-old fashion blogger Elsie Tellier famous.

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Her damaged vestibular system didn’t allow her to walk a lot, which resulted in her having to use a helpful means. Her first feelings about a wheelchair were disgust and loathe, but as she adapted her look to social trends, she perceived one simple truth: Disability is not the end of the world.

Literally blind dating

The similar story happened to Molly. She was 14 years old when she found out that she would no longer be able to see this world. However, the frustration wasn’t the feeling that conquered the teenager. She was brave enough to continue perceiving the life as she used to adapt to her new condition.

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Guess what? A month after, Molly began dating her peer. Time flew, and Burke changed a lot of boyfriends. She claimed that she didn’t find it difficult to get acquainted with men. The only thing which was different was how she perceived her partners:

The things I am attracted to are all things you can experience with your other senses, too, not just sight. Things like skin or hair color don’t matter to me because I can’t see them, but smell and speech do.

Apart from that, Molly has her own physical preferences of an ideal man. She said she likes the ones of medium height (5’6” and 5’11”), slim and muscular, but not broad builds; with minimum body hair and preferably no beard or mustaches.

Supportive tweets

Molly’s subscribers find the blogger amazing. Her videos are cheerful and hilarious. She uses her drawback as an advantage and never stops joking about her blindness. The Twitter users repeatedly cheer her up with their supportive messages.

Well, another living miracle shows us that the life is full of fabulous people. Check Molly’s YouTube channel to find out more about the life of a blind person.

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