Single Mom Sacrifices Her Wedding Ring To Amaze Her Daughter With A Stunning Gift

Date February 20, 2018

Sometimes, even the most unpleasant situation can have really unexpected positive outcomes.


Influence of divorce

Children have to always be near their parents, not simply close to mom or dad, but to both beloved parents at the same time. Unfortunately, adults sometimes put their interests higher than their children’s and tend to ruin their childhood with inconsiderate acts.

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Divorce is the most horrible among them. When the infant is below two years, it may still not understand why there is only mother nearby. The worst age for a kid to meet the parents split is the start of the teenage period. At 11-12, children are likely to be more emotional and most of the time take it really hard.


However, sometimes, parents know how to get out of the situation.

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Terrific present

On February 12, Devin Petit posted a photo on Twitter with a touching story.

Her parents got divorced back in 2008, but have always remained in good relationships because of her. She understood the situation and lived through it without great troubles. On her 21st birthday, Devin’s mother made her an unexpected present – she turned her wedding ring into a necklace.

One of the most valuable symbols of love in the family has found a better place to be put on.

Name a more iconic duo... I'll wait

Публикация от Devin Petit (@devin_petit)

The girl was unbelievably touched and shared her emotions on Twitter.

Happy Father's Day to my favorite guy in the world

Публикация от Devin Petit (@devin_petit)

The internet reacted immediately.

Similar adorable experience

It turns out that there have been similar instances of such moving gestures from parents’ side.

For someone, their close ones died; the others simply got the wedding bands as a merciful gift.

All the experiences are unique, but the public will definitely remember the first, original story.


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