Kim Kardashian Has Very Muscular Arms In A Hilarious New 'Gym Kardashian' Meme

Date February 19, 2018

Kim is often accused of editing her photos to create the perfect image, but now someone has done it for her, and the results are the best efforts of photoshopping Kim’s snaps have ever seen.


Presidents make great jokes too.


Only a few weeks ago, former president, Barack Obama's recent gallery portrait sent creative Twitter users into overdrive. The online world could not be stopped from turning the presidential paintings into a series of memes.

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Kim's new alter ego, "Gym Kardashian."


While Kim is well known for her fitness, Twitter user Jay Paul George wondered what she might look like if she genuinely bulked up and gave up reality star life for a life of bodybuilding and eating 20 boiled eggs a day.

The clever photoshopper gave the very best Valentine’s gift to the world when he made ‘Gym Kardashian’, an imagining of what Kim might look like if she decided to take her life in a new direction. George then proceeded to share another few muscular renditions of Kardashian, all stills from her reality show.

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Twitter is the most fun place

The result was immense. The Photoshopped images have the world coming up with captions left and right.

When ur single this Valentine’s Day but still trying to stay strong

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There is something undeniably alluring about "bodybuilder Kim."

Kim K Beast Mode ???????? #kimkardashian #beastmode

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There's also the fact that muscles on women are so rarely celebrated, to the point where women who proudly flaunt them are too often targets of trolls. Let us know your thoughts on the meme, can you create a better caption?

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