Gerard Butler's Motorbike Accident And Reevaluation Of His Lifestyle

Date February 2, 2018

Gerard Butler and his love for motorbikes

Gerard Butler, 47, is a quite famous Hollywood actor, best known for his role of King Leonidas in the film 300 (2006). People who follow his Twitter account know about his adventurous lifestyle. For instance, Gerard is a huge fan of motorbikes.

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He even starred as a biker in the Machine Gun Preacher (2010). If you combine his manliness with a bike, you’ll get an image of a nearly perfect man.

Motorbike accident in October, 2017

In October 2017, Gerard had a terrible accident in Los Angeles where he allegedly crashed into a car. “I was doing probably 35 mph,” assumes actor. At such speed, any motorbike crash can be fatal or at least make a person paralyzed.

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But Gerard got his luck with him that day, as he flew through the air and landed pretty successfully. He managed to come away with just a fractured in five places foot. Presumably, the crash was caused by a car driver who wanted to make an illegal turn.

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Gerard Butler reevaluates his lifestyle and attitude to life itself

Our life is the most precious thing we have. And now, after death being so close, Gerard confessed that he was afraid. He reevaluated all the things in his life. And although he still wants adventures, he would prefer much safer ones.

Life of a single person matters, but life of all human beings on the planet - is a whole new level! Watch the latest Gerard Butler's movie, Geostorm (2017), as it raises the question of climat changes on Earth and existence of humanity in the nearest future:

Appreciate your life and take care!

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