Top Things Your Children Don’t Want To Inherit

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The Role Of Genes In Inheritance

Though genetics represents a relatively new field of studies, scientists have already managed to gain deep insight into the fundamentals of genes and their work. Of course, the role of genes in human health is crucial, as they allow people to inherit some lifestyle, character, and appearance patterns from previous generations. Everyone has ancestry, but no one can choose what to inherit, even royals.

Material Heritage Is No Less Important

Elizabeth Stewart, the coordinator of Next Avenue, believes that there are some things your children do not want to inherit. In her list of such things, porcelain stemware takes the leading positions. Here is how Elizabeth Stewart explains the reason:

They don’t want porcelain tea sets or dessert, fish, or fruit services either. Ask yourself, when was the last time you witnessed your grown son using a saucer?

Quite a reasonable explanation, isn’t it?

The second position in the rate goes to silver stemware and crystal glasses for wine. The reason is obviously practical: Formal entertaining is not as popular nowadays, as it has been previously. Thus, kids won’t choose the silver for their college party. Elizabeth Stewart continues:

Same goes for crystal: The sets you have are too precious, and the wine they hold is too small a portion.

Taking into account the fact that crystal cannot be washed in a washing machine, the arguments against such stemware become obvious.

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The third place is held by the linens, inheriting which seems to be a precarious perspective because modern children "might not even own an iron or an ironing board," what makes Elizabeth Stewart sure that your kids won’t have any kind of old-fashioned table. Persian rugs, overloaded bookshelves, antique furniture, porcelain figures, and sewing machines close the list, as we do not live in the 19th century, and so do our kids.

But we never choose what to inherit, do we?


Heritage Of Royal Family Members

The main wish of Princess Diana for her daughters-in-law was to wear the jewelry left as the inheritance for Diana’s sons, so that their wives could take these accessories and underline their elegance.

It’s not a secret that the Duchess of Cambridge and Princess Diana have much in common, from their sense of fashion to the choice of jewelry. And there is the reasonable explanation for it: Kate Middleton wears the inherited accessories quite frequently. In particular, she’s often photographed wearing her engagement ring and sapphire earrings that match it perfectly. In addition, she often wears the inherited tiara with pearls and diamonds, which belongs to Royal Family since 1914.

Researchers prove that even such things as negative life experience, driving skills, laziness, fears, and happiness can be inherited. It’s a good stimulus to live the life you’ve always been dreaming of, as maybe your kids would receive your happiness as ancestry. Thus, no one chooses what to inherit, so make sure you leave some material belongings and positive spiritual experience in inheritance, so that your children can use them with a sense of an overwhelming honor and a lifelong gratitude.

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