Mom Performs To Her 1-Year-Old Son With Rare Terminal Illness In A Touching Video

Date April 19, 2018 17:18

When women are carrying their babies under their hearts, they are hoping for the best future for their children. But, unfortunately, sometimes, the reality is different. Sadly, not all kids are born healthy.

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According to the research conducted by the American Academy of Pediatrics, around 10-20 million children in US are living with chronic illnesses. Also, around 1% of the country’s population is having some kind of genetic disease.

Nevertheless, parents of such babies should try to surround the with as much love and warmth as possible.

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Abigail Reimer Tanner is a mother of a special child. Her little son, Lincoln, has mutation in the KCNT1 gene and suffers from seizures since he was only few days old.

His mother says:

He started having seizures at a couple days old, but we didn’t know that’s what they were until four weeks later, and we took him to the hospital because he was turning purple and was having these strange episodes. At one point Lincoln was seizing every five minutes. That was frightening, but God gave us a peace, as scary and as dark as it did get.

Despite all difficulties, his parents claim he is a real blessing and taught them many things. For example, they are now more focused on what they can instead of what they can’t. Together, they celebrate each little accomplishment of their little boy: ability to eat by mouth, wiggle arms, smile, and grasp a toy.

Lincoln taught his parents not to complain and push through the hard times.

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The Duke Cancer Institute has recently posted a touching video of Lincoln’s mother, Abigail, singing and playing piano to him. She is such a loving and devoted mother, trying to make something pleasant to her son.

She says:

For me, I go play any chance I get because it helps me to process what’s going on and also always just gives me a chance to sing to him or encourage others. I always get to hear somebody else’s story from sitting at that piano, and that’s always a blessing to me.


The video made everyone’s heart melt, as it shows a real love of a mother to her child. Plenty of people leave their comments, hoping for the God’s healing touch on Abigail’s son.

This woman is an example of a really devoted mom!

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