Alec Baldwin Is An “Old School Parent,” His Wife Hilaria Says

Date March 30, 2018 09:08

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin are one of the sweetest couples and a good example to be followed by others. They love and support each other no matter what. It may seem that they are rather different, but the 34-year-old yoga teacher and the 59-year-old actor live happily together for almost 7 years.

Hilaria and Alec are parents of three kids: 4-year-old daughter Carmen, 2-year-old Rafael, and 1-year-old Leonardo.

Hilaria writes in her Instagram account:

I met him 7 years ago today...and how our lives have changed. 5.5 years of marriage, almost 4 kids...we have had a wonderful time and our moments too. One thing that helps us grow together is that we make it a priority to have our alone time. Children are such a blessing, but they can strain relationships too...taking time, nearly every day, to check in and laugh...yes, get angry and cry and frustrated too-helps us stay together. It is no fairy tale and it isn’t easy...but it’s real and it’s us.

By the way, Hilaria is now pregnant, and the couple expects their fourth child this summer.

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During one of the PEOPLE’s Mom Talk, Hilaria shared her thoughts with fellow moms Daphne Oz and LaTonya Yvette:

I’m the kind of person where I could get so wrapped up in my kids and I could lose my relationship a little bit and just assume, ‘Don’t you love doing this too? Isn’t this so much fun?’



And added:

Alec’s a little bit more old school, a ‘You’re the mom, you take care of the kids, and then I will come and go and I will read a book with them every once in a while’ kind of thing.

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Hilaria also said their 26-year age difference helped them to identify and prioritize the things to “understand about each other” in their relationship and parenting techniques.