“That Was It For Me”: Man Drops 326 Pounds After Needing Two Plane Seats To Evacuate From Fire

Date April 4, 2018 10:29

Do you remember the huge wildfire in Canada called “The Beast”? It almost ruined Alberta's Fort McMurray. At that time, around 88,000 people had to be evacuated from the town.


That’s what people remember from that time:

I can remember the ash falling all over, flames - you could clearly see them.

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But there is a man who says fire saved his life by forcing weigh loss. Tony Bussey was one of the workers who were evacuated from the site.

The fire, for all the destruction, and for all the hell that it caused, … it saved my life.

When he arrived to the airport, he was called to the front of the line because of the weight. At that moment, Tony weighed 567 pounds. In fact, he needed two seats in the plane.

Seeing people having to wait because I was too fat to sit next to — that was it for me. It was like, 'I've got to do something about this'.

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He realized that by taking two seats he could prevent someone from saving his life. It was the time when he decided to completely change his life.

I kept thinking, 'Here it is: Somebody's wife, somebody's husband, somebody's family member is waiting for their mom, or dad, or their loved one to come home, and their loved ones have to wait longer now because I'm too fat to sit next to.

Tony managed to lose more than half his own body weight.

Three-hundred and twenty-six pounds gone. All naturally. No surgery, no anything. Just watching what I eat and walking.

Tony’s lifestyle is now so different: He eats only healthy food and walks a lot. What a transformation!


He became an inspiration for people from the whole world. A good example to be followed!

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