Kim Kardashian Wants Her Daughter To Grow Into A Strong Woman

Date February 14, 2018

Kim Kardashian recently welcomed her third child with her award-winning rapper husband, Kanye West.

Chicago West

The reality star and businesswoman shared the news on her website and later revealed that they had named their second daughter, born to them by a surrogate, Chicago West.

Kim Is A Great Mom

Kim is known for her body revealing selfies as much as she is known for her ability to run a business empire with great success.

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The fashion-forward mom of three may not always get favorable press for the choices she makes, but she is definitely serious about bringing her children up with the right values.

The second Kardashian sister and author of the book "Selfish" is famed for her self-absorption, and she is not afraid to own it. She, however, noted in an interview with Oprah, that she has had to work really hard to show the world who the real Kim is.

It may seem that North is overexposed to her mom's controversial choices, but there are a number of great qualities she has access to. Without thinking too hard, we can tell you three.

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My little lady

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Business Savvy

Kim is an accomplished businesswoman. She has grown from being Paris Hilton's assistant to owning a number of successful brands. She has also made it clear that North is going to work when the time comes.

Body Positivity

With a slew of revealing selfies in her wake, it goes without saying that Kim is not afraid to own her body as a woman. Her loud and famous critics do not make her cower. Having a mom who does not apologize for who she is benefits North greatly.

Self Love

Kim wants North to be fully aware of who she is as a mixed-race American. She wants her daughter to be proud of that and welcomes all her questions about her identity. She also makes sure North spends time with both sides of the family.

More Kardashian-Jenner Women

With the birth of Kylie's daughter, Stormi Webster, the Kardashian women continue to grow in number. What is great about having strong aunts is that the girls are surrounded by women who will inspire them in different ways.

Kim and her sisters do not let negative criticism stop them from living their lives as independent women. We can already imagine a new generation of unapologetic Kardashian-Jenner women.

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Kim Kardashian