Navy Veteran Mom Wears A Corset For 23 Hours Daily To Keep Her Waist Tiny

Date February 13, 2018

An American woman named Diana Ringo has revealed that she wears a corset everyday to maintain an 18 inch waist.


Diana, 39, is a Navy veteran, chef, and mom.

Barcroft / YouTube

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Barcroft / YouTube

Diana Wears A Corset For Almost 24 Hours!

Mirror reports that the mom of three began to wear corsets after she lost her natural body shape following the birth of twin boys.

She wears a corset for an estimated duration of 23-23.5 hours daily.

The only time she does not wear one is when she hits the gym or wants to have her bath.

"I Feel Gorgeous"

After childbirth, Diana found that she had gained 77 lbs. She chose getting a narrow waist with the aid of corsets, over losing the weight by changing her diet and exercising.

Her waist has been considerably refigured, and she says she feels gorgeous wearing waist altering corsets for that length of time daily. At the last count, she had up to 45 of them.

Barcroft / YouTube

Diana Ringo's Competition

Diana Ringo says she does not mind the dirty looks people give her, and she is not alone. 34-year-old Rodrigo Alves is also on a waist altering mission.

The television personality who is famous for changing his body features to achieve perfection recently removed four ribs in his sixtieth surgical procedure.


Rodrigo, who is popularly called "Ken The Doll," has been flaunting his narrower waist, sporting choice waist-cinching corsets. The exact size of his post-surgery waistline is not known, but he is definitely in close competition with Diana Ringo.

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