Ever Heard Of A Sleep Divorce? This Unusual Trick Could Help Couples Save Their Marriage

Date April 25, 2018 16:16

Divorce becomes inevitable when a relationship turns irreparable. And the leading causes of divorce are not just infidelity and/or lack of communication.


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Job or relationship deal breaker?

As unusual as it sounds, it turns out your partner’s job plays a huge role in determining whether or not your relationship will stand the test of time.

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And, according to the experts, people most likely to get divorced are gaming managers, bartenders, flight attendants and people who work night shifts.

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To arrive at these jobs, statistician Nathan Yau used the results of a five-year study conducted by the US Census Bureau.

Consider getting a sleep divorce

What Yau's study does not include, however, is a new factor that could help couples work around certain differences, especially if the problem has to do with different schedules or your partner's sleeping habits.

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Couples therapist Tamara Green suggests that couples try out sleeping in separate beds while maintaining a good sexual connection. She calls this 'sleep divorce'.

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Green told TODAY that getting enough rest can actually help couples feel like they are able to hear each other out and get their needs met.

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She recommends broaching the subject with a partner without resorting to throwing blames.

Some fun fact: A study by the National Sleep Foundation claims that as much as 30% of Americans want a sleep divorce from their partners.

Get the best out of it

If you succeed in getting your partner to agree, here's how you can prep yourself for a good night's rest or coax your body into sleep mode.

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Take a bath before sleep time, keep your feet outside of the covers, set a bedtime alarm and do some breathing exercises.


Here's a pro tip: Cut down the amount of time you spend in bed and if it is possible, use your bed only for sleep time or for getting intimate with your partner.

So, there you have it. Instead of driving each other crazy try out a sleep divorce.

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