'We Can Have Lovers At 60': Oscar-Nominated Actress Lesley Manville Insists Older Women Don't Have To Just Knit


February 19, 2018 14:46 By Fabiosa

Lesley Manville declared that women can "have a lover at 60." The 61-year-old British actress, who was nominated for Oscar and Bafta for her performance in Phantom Thread, claimed that she feels happier in her older age.


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Lesley Manville was born in Brighton, England. Her long career includes roles in His Dark Materials, The Alchemist, and so on. She was nominated for an Olivier Award for her role in the play Grief. Before that, she won the 2014 Olivier Award for Best Actress for her role in the revival of Ghosts.


The actress told Radio Times that women don’t have to be "shoved in a corner in a cardigan doing knitting" when they hit 60. She didn’t comment whether she is dating someone since the end of her marriage to Darkest Hour star Gary Oldman in 1990, but she mentioned that she is pleased to see that TV and film industry started to show older women "having a sex life."

It’s OK to be 60. You can have a lover at 60. You don’t have to be shoved in a corner in a cardigan doing knitting.


She also said:

The distributors of films, they realise there’s a huge market for an audience of women over 40 who want to go and see things that deal with their lives.


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Manville went on to give compliments to big Hollywood stars, like Meryl Streep, Dame Helen Mirren, and Annette Bening, for their portraying of older women who are still "sexually active" and "attractive."


Lesley commented:

We’re playing these women who are in their 60s and 70s and yes, they’re still attractive and they’re still having a sex life and, … they want all the things that people stereotypically think that a woman over 50 is not going to want any more.

The British actress received her first Oscar nomination for best supporting actress for her role in Phantom Thread.

She will be fighting in the best picture category with Gary Oldman, for Phantom Thread and Darkest Hour respectively.

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