Catherine Blanchett Jokes About The Importance Of Being The President's Wife


February 5, 2018 11:21 By Fabiosa

Cate Blanchett is grateful for the Crystal Award she received for her human rights activities helping the refugees.

Increasing awareness about refugees.

It is the hot season in Hollywood, and a lot of celebrities are receiving their awards one after another. This time, the honor of the Crystal Award was granted to Catherine Blanchett – the 48-year-old Australian actress and director.

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During the World Economic Forum in Switzerland on January, 22, she got the award for increasing awareness about the refugee problem we face today as a society.

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The eternal joke about Melania

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The peculiar episode that drew media attention happened during the ceremony itself, when Cate dropped an innocent joke towards playing the role of Donald Trump’s wife, Melania:

If I was playing Melania Trump (not that I would probably be cast in that role), I wouldn't be necessarily coming from the place of “Free Melania.” I'd be trying to understand the situation so that you could then throw that back at an audience and say: 'What's her position as a woman? What does she think? What's it like being married to -- you know'.

The joke originates from the president’s inauguration, where Mrs. Trump seemed uncomfortable.

This caused the immediate Internet reaction that later transformed into a viral Twitter hashtag #FreeMelania.

The Internet users simply adore the Cate’s comment.

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They are assured that if Blanchett happens to play the role of Melania Trump, somewhere in the future, she will definitely succeed.


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