Macaulay Culkin Does Not Like Donald Trump's Cameo In 'Home Alone 2'


Macaulay Culkin has recently shown his discontent regarding the appearance of Donald Trump in the second episode of Home Alone.

Recollecting 'Home Alone'

The first movie about heroic Kevin McCallister hit the screens in 1990 and immediately became the symbol of Christmas. With the total worldwide box office of $533,800,000, Home Alone turned out to be one of the most successful films of XX century. The movie features Macaulay Culkin as the main hero and his impossible adventures when the family departs to the vacation, thus leaving him home alone.

Culkin and his opinion regarding Trump

Two years later, the world meets the second part of Kevin’s story that stars some exclusive actors as well as politicians. During the climactic scene of the film, the main hero meets the current President of USA – Donald Trump.

As an owner of Plaza Hotel, Trump was not so popular at that times; however, with his current political views and actions as the president, Donald’s appearance in the film attracted new attention.


Macaulay Culkin has expressed his point about the politician in the latest Reddit AMA.

The 1990 original was 'more fun' not least because it had 100 percent less Trump.


Today's Macaulay

Nowadays, the former child star is working on his big project, called Bunny Ears, that is actually a podcast together with a website AMA=ASK MACK ANYTHING!

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Go and chek out. Link in my profile. #BunnyEars

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He states he doesn’t want to return to the filmmaking industry anymore and prefers to focus on his own creations like the one he is doing now.

Ep. 3 Now Online! #bunnyearspodcast

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M. W. C #tbt

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We wish him luck.

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