‘If It Fits, I Sits’: 15 Cats That Show Impossible Is Nothing

Date December 7, 2018

The famous Alf from the sitcom with the same name must have known something about these super cute but strange creatures. He was trying to let us in on a secret, but now we will have to figure everything out on our own.

Cats are known for their unusual habits, but this one has already turned into a kind of religion.

Just see everything for yourself!

1. ‘What are you staring at? I’m chilling in here!’

2. It was the second day after the fish were gone…

3. Sleeping beauty: “Where’s my prince?”

Допис, поширений Iriicek (@iriicek)

4. It’s yoga-guru here!

5. Forward roll! And what would you do if you were a cat?!

6. Oh well, when one fits, it shall sit! The fluff is served!

7. Lucy simply doesn’t care.

8. It’s high time to see the outer space!

9. The purrfect centerpiece for the table.

10. The best and only way to use a fish bow.

11. It seemed impossible but it did manage to fit in!

12. This is the life!

13. The story of a mixing bowl and Maru.

14. A new approach to dishwashing.

15. Cats only!

And does your cat preach ‘If It Fits, I Sit’ religion? Have any proofs? Don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comments below.