Amazing Friendships: 17 Instagram Stories Of Animals That Have Become Close Buddies

Date January 24, 2018

Many people grew up, thanks to the classic cartoon comedy Tom and Jerry, with the notion that animals shared a vicious rivalry; dogs hate cats, cats hate mice, and mice get smarter at giving cats a run for their money.

What dogs do best. Love each other no matter what.

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Friendships across animal lines.

More often than we would like to admit, there have been instances where that notion has found disagreement with reality. When you go through your feed on social media, you will often find an unforgettable sight of two separate animal species co-existing in the most humane manner; sharing and caring for each other.

The most unusual and interestingly sincere friendships have been witnessed on Instagram amongst animals. Here are a few of them. Grab your tissue paper, as things are about to get misty around the eyes.

1. Toast and Chester

“So, Toast and Chester are best friends. They sleep together at night and everything.” Rancho Relaxer Founder comments on Instagram relating to this video post.

2. Dogs loving each other.

What dogs do best. Love each other no matter what.

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These cute dogs from IG user,, sure do know how to have a god naptime, making room for one more friend on the comfortable couch.

3. The most unimaginable pair

@ducksmakegreatpets would have us know that ducks also make great friends.

4. The love between Michael and Toast

This Great Pyrenees, #michaeltheguardian, is one protective friend for a lifetime. What better name to call this huge creature with ivory fur? If you said guardian angel, you will not be wrong.

5. Moana befriends all the rhinos.

Even Moana (the Bengal cat), has a good taste in friends. Wouldn’t you have a rhino for a friend as well?

6. A pig and a dog? What a friendship!

You see this picture, and then you read the caption, “True friends are never apart, maybe in distance but never in heart." You just know you’ll have a fine day.

7. Too much cuteness in one picture.

That lazy-eyed Maine Coon has as its best buddy the fierce-looking Alaskan Malamute, you see at the fore. So just don’t go messing with a lazy-eyed cat.

8. This couldn't have been better captioned!

@bella_molnar_674’s caption of this image just about says it all.

9. First Christmas couldn't have been more memorable.

10. Lots of kisses

These two love… birds (sic) are the rabbit, Lucy, and the Budgerigar, Bentley.

11. Special friendship

He loves going down and playing with Willow! He also loves that she can't catch him.

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12. What kind of cow is this?

13. Lovelies having a great day.

"Sapphira: stoooop this photoshoot emidiatley! ???? Coco: whats the matter now? ???? Sapphira: you are not in ANY shape of getting your photo taken, you are Dirty! ???? Coco: Really? Remember to clean my ears ekstra, they are really dirty ???? Sapphira: did you do this on purpose? ???? Coco: me? Nooo. ????" . . . Have a great monday lovelies ????????❤ . . . Meet some of your friends: - @thebunnyotto - @einstein_the_rabbit - @happy_and_panter_bunnies - @elanor14 - @sesameshorthair - @gertje.lwd - @angora.adventures - @theloppystories . . . #balous_friends #pets_perfection #thedodo #cat #rabbit #kitten #bunny #animals #pets #instaanimal #instapets #bunniesworldwide #rabbitsofinstagram #cutepetclub #catoftheday #petoftheday #bunnies #bunniesofinstagram #photooftheday #interspeciesfriendship #sacredbirman #boredpanda #iganimal_snaps #catstocker #pocket_pets #animalsco #cats_of_world @cats_of_world_ #elegant_cats @animaladdicts

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14. Lots of love all over the rug.

15. How beautiful friendships start.

???????? the beginning of a beautiful friendship ????

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16. Most deserving of a "TGIF" caption.

TGIF ????????

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17. Cuddle session couldn't be more fun.

A possible lesson from interspecies

Often we watch eye-popping videos of elephants defending the helpless young antelope from a killer lioness, and it begs the question, why can’t human beings with smarter brains, be as inspiring in the way we treat each other?

Truly life would be a better social habitat to live in is we took a leaf from the incredible friendship of these animals.

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