Justin Timberlake Surprises Ryan McKenna And Nearly Brings Him To Tears


February 12, 2018 17:29 By Fabiosa

Last month, no one knew the 13-year-old Ryan McKenna, a boy who attended the Super Bowl in Minneapolis with his father. But the agile teenager managed to be in the right place at the right time and took a selfie with the headliner of this year, Justin Timberlake. But did he know that he will have another chance to meet the singer?

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Living a dream

Of course, fans take pictures with Justin Timberlake almost every day. But the way in which Ryan tried to take a selfie with the singer delighted the users of social networks.

As soon as Timberlake went to the sector where McKenna was sitting with his father, the boy immediately found himself next to Justin... And began to rummage through his phone as if forgetting that there was a star next to him.

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Chatting with Ellen

Next day, the kid woke up famous. But his moment of glory is not over yet. Ryan has also visited the show of Ellen DeGeneres where he shed some light on the encounter with the SexyBack singer. Sitting a few rows back, the teenager was still determined to take a selfie. Aa he says:

I pushed through – I was elbowing people. But I got there and I was there with him.

Selfie with the Super Bowl selfie kid. @ryantheselfiekid

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He had problems with his phone, but fortunately, Justin was patient and waited for the boy.

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Another surprise

After getting to know Ryan's story, Ellen decided to shock her guest when she called Timberlake straight during the show. The singer, in turn, thanked the fan for his devotion and invited him along with his family to the VIP-zone for his show.

Ryan, I look forward to meeting you. And our second selfie together.

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It’s no wonder that the boy nearly burst into tears of happiness (and we can relate!).

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Surprise tradition

It seems this is not the first time Justin surprises other people. In fact, he and Ellen like to make friendly fun of each other. On the occasion of the host’s 60th birthday anniversary, Timberlake made it right when they both were on the air.


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Just look how thrilled she was!

If 60 means getting surprised by @JustinTimberlake, count me in.

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Let’s hope they’ll have more fun and surprises in the future!

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