'I'm Not Retiring': Ozzy Osbourne Talks About Final Tour


February 8, 2018 10:37 By Fabiosa

After a successful half-century career, Ozzy Osbourne, a famous rock singer, decided to quit touring and join a long list of veteran stars who are throwing a major tour for the last time. Although he doesn’t look like a family man, one of the reasons for quitting is his desire to spend more time with his near and dear, especially considering he has just become a grandfather again.

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Welcoming the eighth grandchild

On February 3, Ozzy’s son Jack Osbourne and his wife welcomed a beautiful girl named Minnie. This is the third kid of the couple. Since 2012, the British actor has been married to another popular actress Lisa Stelly. The pair met a year before the wedding and are now absolutely happy in their marriage.

Sharon, the mother of Jack (and the wife of the heavy rock singer), was delighted with the good news about the birth of the baby and wrote a touching post to new parents. In it, she revealed that Minnie was one of her favorite names and that having three wonderful girls is a blessing. And Jack’s older sister Kelly wrote:

She is perfect in every way. It was such a beautiful experience to witness the birth of this angel.

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Indeed, being not so close to his father, Jack is committed to his family. He enjoys taking walks with his daughters who make him beam with joy.

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No more tours

But let's get back to the legend. Actually, this is the second time Ozzy will go on a farewell tour, so maybe, he will change his mind one more time. The two-year series of concerts will begin this spring in Florida. The musician, along with the band Stone Sour, will visit Mexico, South and North America, as well as Europe.

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Meanwhile, Osbourne says that this is not the end of his career. He is not retiring; it's just "No More Tours 2" means that he will not go on a world tour anymore. The star is still planning to do concerts and gigs. And this is not it! Ozzy also wants to put together a new album and create some good new music.

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Although his long career was an incredible journey, the 69-year-old artist admits that he missed out many of his children’s milestones. And now, being a grandfather, he likes it insanely.

I don't want to go through another generation of Osbournes without seeing them grow up.

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He is not the only star that quits touring. Earlier this year, Sir Elton John made a huge statement that he would walk off the world touring stage for good.

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But same as Osbourne, he will first perform at a three-year farewell tour with more than 300 shows in different cities and countries.

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