Ellen DeGeneres Trolls Trump And Strikes An Upbeat Tone With Her Own State Of The Union

Date February 2, 2018

On January 30, President Donald Trump gave his first State of the Union address. Noting the good condition of the American economy, he promised a significant reduction in taxes for the middle class.

Trump also boasted of a decrease in unemployment, an increase in salaries, and 2.4 million jobs, including 200 thousand new jobs in the industry. It seems that Americans will be able to achieve anything if they work hard and believe in their country.


But not all citizens of the United States watched this massive event, including a famous television show host Ellen DeGeneres. Instead, the comedian delivered her own speech, as she is the real queen of daytime TV. Here are the best moments of her powerful but funny address:

Since Ellen had some other things to do instead of watching Trump’s speech, she thought it would be a great idea to talk about major issues. After all, she’s the president of her own show.

TheEllenShow / YouTube

Fighting unemployment

Positive thing is that the TV host’s unemployment rate is lower than ever because she has many jobs, including a production company and two successful TV shows. They are huge success indeed!

TheEllenShow / YouTube

Approval is important

As the audience burst into loud applause, Ellen quickly reacted by saying:

I know I'm doing a great job because I get more applause breaks than any other president.

TheEllenShow / YouTube

What about EllenCare?

Rather, it is EllenScare. We all know the comedian cannot but play tricks on her guests (and the crew, which she proved a few seconds later).


TheEllenShow / YouTube

Over-the-roof devotion

And she promised she would continue to serve the country to the best of her comedic ability until her death.

Ending the speech with a beautiful message

In the end, the TV host reminded us one more time of the reason we love her so much – love and inclusiveness that are an integral part of her show.


Does anyone want Ellen to run for the presidency in 2020?

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