Disabled Student Explains How Her Wheelchair Is A Fashion Statement

Date March 1, 2018

Fashion is not just about clothes, accessories or make-up. It is about aesthetics in general. It is about finding beauty and style in everything we see in our lives.


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Elsie's wheelchair went viral.

Elsie Tellier, 20, is not your typical fashion blogger. She proves that fashion is also about self-expression. Elsie suffers from cystic fibrosis, which means that her vestibular system is damaged and she has issues with her joints. Hence, she often has to use a wheelchair. The blogger shares that using the device made her feel ugly. That’s why she came up with the idea of redesigning it.

Her creativity helped her to accept her disability and feel beautiful even sitting in the wheelchair. That fashion idea quickly became viral, as the blogger had made a statement that there is the lack of self-expression tools for people suffering from disabilities.

Elsie shares her thoughts about fashion.

Elsie is a busy student at an Ivy League college, and somehow still finds times to develop her fashion ideas. The blogger says that designers should consider all kind of disabilities. Clothes have to be comfortable, not just stylish. She shares her feeling about fashion caring only for the image.

As much as I live for the aesthetic, it would be my dream to see brands think of not only appearance but find ways to turn comfort into art.


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Society responds warmly.

Elsie believes that fashion can break down barriers that different people can create, and people are pretty supportive and happy because of her innovations and statements:

Fashion is about us and our needs! We need feel beautiful and comfortable!

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