Women Rule The British Royal Family, And There Are At Least 6 Reasons Why

Date March 14, 2018

Behind every great man stands a great woman, right? However, when it comes to the British royal family, a woman doesn’t hide in her husband’s shadow – she stands out and rules the country.


The main quality every ruler should have is leadership; it doesn’t matter what is the person's gender. It happens that the feminine British royal family embody the quality and use it to promote progressive changes.

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There are, however, more reasons than just the leadership qualities concerning why it is the women who rule the family. Let’s take a closer look:

1. They can get their hands dirty.

Queen Elizabeth understands the importance of serving your country. She knows it from her childhood when at the age of 14, she broadcasted a message to evacuees and encouraged them during the Children’s Hour radio program in 1940. And at 19 she became a trained driver and mechanic.


2. The voice of the people

Princess Diana was called the People’s Princess for many reasons. She opened the first HIV/AIDS unit at the London Middlesex Hospital for people suffering from the virus. There Diana shook hands with an HIV patient without her gloves, proving to the whole world that she is not afraid.

3. New ideas come from women.

Kate Middleton came up with an idea of promoting mental health through a special campaign. With the support of Prince William and Harry, she created a campaign and called it Heads Together.

Meghan Markle, for instance, raised the questions of women’s rights. We sure, she’s going to do so much more after she says “I do” to Prince Harry.

4. They fight against taboo topics.

Stigmas surrounding HIV/AIDS, gay marriages, leprosy, depression (especially postnatal), gender equality, racial discrimination, sexual abuse, etc., have always been tackled by women of the royal family. They are not afraid of commenting openly on such topics.

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5. Breaking traditions.

While the men of the British royal family seem to be a bit conservative, women tend to break traditions brick by brick. Not necessarily in a rebellious way.

6. Adjusting to changes.

Time flies, people change, technology develops. You have to adapt fast under such conditions. And the royal women succeed at it. Queen Elizabeth once shared this wisdom with us:

Change has become a constant, managing it has become an expanding discipline.


The world is changing for better because of the women all around the world, not only from the British royal family! Go, girls!

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