Parents' Fault: How To Talk To Children About School Shootings

Date February 19, 2018

Today’s reality is harsh. The US is drowning in its children’s blood with already 18 school shootings this year (it is February yet), which is absolutely outrageous.


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Family ignorance is on the extremely high level or at least has been. There are two major points, which put all the blame on parents:

1. Parents take full responsibility for their children (legally and morally).

Although most of the parents know something about the law, they forget the fact that a child is a product of parent’s beliefs and views. Even though you might think that you would never make a school shooting, and you never taught your kid to do so, somehow he not only came up with the idea of making that, but actually decided and made such horrible crime.

You might say that he was influenced by the Internet or other kids. However, only a traumatized soul is capable of killing other people. And there so many ways to traumatize your child’s soul, you can’t even imagine: your unhappy marriage, lack of attention, intolerance, your archaic misbeliefs, domestic violence, and many more.


2. Development of collective consciousness.

The US has a much bigger problem than the gun politics – “the antidepressant plague”. There are many psychological issues that one may have. But they have to be solved in order to grow, not masked. You see, taking antidepressants is not a treatment. Therapy – is.

Every respectful psychotherapist can approve that pills are needed in tough cases to make a patient more responsive to therapy. Antidepressants can make you incapable of seeing all the problems your child is going through.

Such “adult” behavior is no more than a childish, foolish and harmful unwillingness to take full responsibility for their “depression”, which they voluntarily chose themselves.  Hence, the only way to treat this unstable society is to grow its collective consciousness. We can do it alongside with our children.

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Some tips on how to make “the talk” with your child:

  1. First of all, you should accept the fact that your child is aware of school shootings. It is, however, better than your kid hears the news from you, who would give an accurate info and explanation.
  2. Do not promise 100% safety to your child. If he is smart, he would know it is rather impossible. It is better to make some legal actions to provide the maximum safety. Write a letter together to a congressperson about gun rights or a director of your school to ensure the essential level of security of the institution.
  3. Let your child lead a conversation. It is surprisingly better to follow your kid and answer his questions honestly and with respect.
  4. Anger and fear expression is healthy! Do not shame your children, if they are afraid. Do not punish them for their anger. It is much better for them to have that possibility of sharing their feelings openly with you. Remember, they require your support the most!


Talk to each other more often!

However, a small “talk” about school shootings is never ever enough. There are two worlds basically: the so-called “outside” and “inside” worlds. The outside world roughly consists of two things: money and society. Nowadays, people tend to close their eyes on the inside world, compensating it with everything they possibly can think of from the outside world.

The funny thing though, is that all our decisions are based on the inside world. Because the inside world consists of your personality: your fears, beliefs, prejudices, things you love and hate, and many more.

Now imagine if you cannot sort out all those things, how can your child be able to do it on his/her own? By establishing a strong connection, based on trust, you can provide help and support. Even if they say, that everything is fine and they do not need that kind of support, ask yourself, maybe it’s just self-defense, which you may use as well all the time.


It is extremely hard to cope with our consciousness. However, if you do not clean your house, it will eventually sink in the dirt.

Stay safe!

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