9 Biggest Mistakes Mostly Women Make During Job Interviews

Date March 19, 2018 11:58

Going to job interviews is often really scary, isn’t it? Well, mostly, it is scary because you are not quite sure what’s going to happen there. These 9 tips will help you prepare for everything.


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9 Mistakes in interviews

We are afraid of making mistakes, and that’s absolutely fine. However, fast growth only comes with mistakes. And as we all know, growth means success. Anyways, that’s not exactly the point. According to experts and hiring managers, women tend to make some specific mistakes.

1. Knowing zero information about the company you're interviewing with.

Research your company and make sure you are still interested in the vacancy. Otherwise, your chances of failing the interview at the very beginning will be much higher.

2. Lack of confidence and competency.

This is understandable. Many of us tend to feel less confident in an unknown environment. However, try focusing on your strengths rather than weaknesses.


3. Lies on resume.

Truth always comes up, doesn't it? If you lie on your resume, there is a pretty big chance that interviewer would ask you and find out your unfair move.

4. Bad dress-code.

Aim for a professional look, even if you feel a bit uncomfortable. Just remember that hiring managers always pay attention to your look because it shows your attitude.

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5. Underselling achievements and shyness.

It is a quite often thing for a woman to undersell her achievements. Having a ton of experience behind the shoulders and still lowering its value is a big problem. Raise your standards to a reasonable level.


6. Inadequate reaction to “pushback” questions.

Some women can even view these questions as hostile. “Pushback” questions are something like, “Why weren’t you employed for 2 years?” Every question is a perfect opportunity to show your strengths.

7. Not asking important questions.

Think of the most important information you would like to know from the interviewer. Be curious! After all, it is important to know if the job is good for you, right?

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8. Failing to negotiate for a proper salary.

Research the market and estimate the average salary for the job you are trying to get. You have options, always remember it. Companies usually have a certain acceptable range. It’s up to you to get the maximum.

9. Nerves getting in your way.

Last but not least, nerves can mess up your speech, thoughts, and even behavior, making your presentation absolutely disastrous. However, it won’t make you look weak if you admit that you’re nervous. Being nervous shows that you care about the job. Every hiring manager knows that.


Need a new job?

What are the sings that you need to find a new job? There are at least two major tips how to know that for sure:

1. You feel absolutely exhausted and frustrated at work.

The main signal that you have to change your career field is when you can’t even start the project, and when that happens every time. Another symptom is when your boss tells you about some new opportunity, and your first thought would be “Nooooooo!”


2. Not having a plan for future.

This is rather depressing, but it happens a lot. Many of us don’t have a single clue about what they are going to do in a month, not saying 5 years. But ask yourself this question and try answering it: “Do you want to do this for 5 more years?” If your answer is negative, be sure – it is time. And the time is the nearest future!


We wish everybody luck in developing their career, and especially with those scary job interviews. You got it!

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