President Ronald Reagan's Funny Trickery: Mute The Wife While Dining With Her


April 9, 2018 08:50 By Fabiosa

They have been together for 52 years. And like most of such long-lasting couples, Ronald and Nancy Reagan had some exciting stories to tell.


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Beautiful love story

Ronald died on June 5, 2004, and his wife Nancy died 12 years later, on March 6, 2016.  Fortunately, many episodes of their lives were documented by photos, articles, and books. According to them, the couple had a beautiful marriage indeed.


The pair got married in 1952, long before all the political success. He was an actor, and she was an actress. The beginning of their love story looked like the one from a movie. They used to write intimate love letters to each other. Ronald wrote to his wife one of such letters in March 1955 which said:

My darling, I love you so very much. I don't even mind that life made me wait so long to find you. The waiting only made the feeling sweeter.


After the couple wed, Nancy officially retired from acting to concentrate on raising the kids. The Reagans had two children, and Nancy became a step-mother to two more from Ronald’s previous marriage.

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Ronald's trickery

Ronald started experiencing problems with hearing, especially high-pitched sounds, back in the 1930’s, after a gun was fired near his ear on a film set. In 1983, the president began using hearing aids and apparently found the bright side of his hearing issues.


Ronald loved eating in silence, while Nancy seemed to enjoy talking more than eating. That’s why the husband used to secretly turn off his hearing device while dining with his wife. Sheila Tate, the author of the book “Lady in Red: An Intimate Portrait of Nancy Reagan,” tells a story about Ronald’s little trickery:

President Reagan would secretly turn off his hearing aids during dinner and nudge Dennis with his foot as a signal that they were off; if Nancy directed a question to her husband, Dennis would use his own foot to nudge President Reagan.


And if Ronald had to answer, he would blame the device and ask her to repeat the question.

Relationships with the British royals

Ronald’s charisma certainly attracted many women besides Nancy. One of such was Queen Elizabeth II herself. The two used to ride horses together and attend all sorts of events. And while Ronald was friend with the Queen, he was in good terms with her son Prince Charles. They have been pen pals for years!

Nancy’s husband died after a long fight with Alzheimer’s. She told in an interview in 2009 how she missed him and that "it didn’t get better with time."

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