Padma Lakshmi, Top Chef Host, Doesn't Look Her Age And Shares Her Tips

Date April 24, 2018 15:00

Every woman wonders how to slow down aging processes, and it seems that Padma Lakshmi knows the answer. In fact, she shared her thoughts on 5 most frequently asked questions. Can we trust her? Just look at this 47-year-old woman. Doesn’t she look gorgeous?

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Tips from Padma

Without further ado, here are five tips on beauty, health, and style from our favorite “Top Chef” host!

Keeping your hair and skin healthy and shiny

The answer is pretty simple – the diet. The bestselling author believes that what we eat shows up on the skin and hair, and even on the whites of our eyes. Padma suggests eating more fruits and vegetables.

Biggest style regret

Padma advises to take risks and show off your body. She herself is trying to work on that by wearing daring, beautiful dresses to the different social events. However, for not so special occasions, she prefers simple and comfortable clothes.

Shopping tip for women in their 40s

It’s surprisingly the same as in the 20s. Padma advises buying pieces that fit in the budget and more of classical style. She also underlines the importance of accessories.


Feeling more beautiful than ever

Padma also shared her thoughts about woman’s body and clothes. She feels herself more comfortable when being naked, because "there's no adornment." By that, she means that there’s no opinion layered by the clothes she’s wearing. Padma also adds that in many ways she feels more beautiful (probably in the way of freedom) at 47 than at the younger age.


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Dangerous and painful disease

Did you know that the successful woman with what seems to be a perfect life suffers from endometriosis? Padma is very vocal about the issue and is trying to support women with the same condition in every possible way. She even founded the Endometriosis Foundation of America to raise awareness about the disease.

Endometriosis is a gynecological disease that affects more than 200 million of women in the world. The condition characterizes by the layer of tissue that grows outside of the uterus while it should be covering inside of it. The common symptoms are pain and infertility. However, around 25% of women are asymptomatic. Padma is afraid that most of those women don’t understand the importance of treatment.

Pain always signalizes that something is wrong. Don’t hesitate to visit the specialist if you have suspicions. Take care!

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