Voice Of Russia: Kids Choose To Sing The Powerful 'Hallelujah' Song And Make It Sound Amazing

Date February 26, 2018

Music goes beyond borders and sets up high above politics. Its language is understandable to every human on Earth. When these four kids were choosing the song for the musical competition The Voice Kids, Russia, they didn't hesitate at all. Artem, Julia, Marsel, and Xenia picked Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah."

Beautiful Voice TV / YouTube

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Written back in 1984, the song hadn't been spotted until the mid-90s, when John Cale and Jeff Buckley presented their covers. It acquired its extreme popularity in 2000s after the Shrek movie and has been performed by numerous musicians all over the world since then.

Beautiful Voice TV / YouTube

The song's powerful appeal to people is natural: It praises the Lord in a very straightforward and spiritual way. Neither pretentious nor mannered, Cohen's "Hallelujah" sounds just like a sincere talk to God any person regardless his or her confession would have.

Beautiful Voice TV / YouTube

The four kids sing the Russian translation of song on the big stage, while their parents are anxiously waiting behing the curtains. Their angelic voices reach every heart!

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