Logistical Problems Or Family Issues: Melania Trump Sends Mixed Signals About Davos Trip

Date January 25, 2018

Stephanie Grisham, the spokeswoman for the First Lady, has confirmed to CNN that Melania Trump will not be with the President this weekend at World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

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Just a week ago, Grisham publicly declared that the First Lady would be attending the event. The president is scheduled to meet with policymakers and influential people from all around the world in Davos. Melania was expecting to support her husband.

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The president’s trip was also hanging in the balance due to the imminent threat of a government shutdown. However, that has been avoided and the trip will be proceeding as planned.

Reason for the change of mind

Communications Director Grisham stated that the reason Melania was no longer traveling to Davos was conflicts in "scheduling and logistical issues". No further details were provided.

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More than meets the eye

There are some suggestions as to the reason for the change of mind. This is in spite of the fact that no official statement has been made by the First Lady or her spokesperson.

On January 12, news broke of a possible pay-off by Trump's attorney to Stormy Daniels. The Wall Street Journal earlier reported an alleged affair between the president and Daniels.


The Wall Street Journal's reveal was particularly humiliating to Melania who has spoken out against women who accused the president of sexual misconduct. However, all seemed at ease as Melania was seen with the president attending events the same day.

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She omitted President Trump from her anniversary tweet

Melania shared a photo of herself with a military escort on Twitter to mark the anniversary of Donald Trump's inauguration. Oddly, the image did not include President Trump.

It is possible that there may be some friction between the POTUS and FLOTUS. Observers speculate that Melania may be expressing her distaste for the situation.


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In addition, Melania's refusal to travel with the president is probably a silent attempt to dissociate herself from the possible impending drama.

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