Age Is Nothing But A Number For Rosie Huntington-Whiteley And Jason Statham

Date December 27, 2017

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jason Statham are a pretty odd couple. They came public with their relationship in 2010 and continued to date until they got married in 2016. She is a model-actor, he is a Hollywood action hero. One could argue that this is a perfect match. Well, it is not so much.

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Rosie’s’ father, Charles, is a chartered surveyor and a descendant of a line of baronets with royal connections. Her mother, Fiona, worked as a fitness instructor once. She may not belong to royalty, but she does come from some considerable pedigree.

Jason, on the other hand, is from much humbler origins. His father is Barry Statham, a market stall trader, and his mother is Eileen, a lounge singer and dancer.

They have two decades between them

What really makes this couple stand out? Rosie is 28 and Jason is 48. Between them, there is a 20-year difference. How did this unlikely match happen? Well, here is their story.


In 2010, Jason invited Rosie to be his date to the Coachella Festival in California. This marked the beginning of their relationship. Jason was climbing the ranks, and she was fresh to Hollywood. He helped her a lot learning the ropes and finding her footing.

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It only took a while before Rosie confessed that she was blown away by Jason and his affections for her. The couple became a major item and constantly followed by newsmongers. Together, they shared a common love for the arts and would often be caught in the company of equally famous friends.

The couple announced their wedding in 2016 with an enormous engagement ring reported to cost more than $300,000.

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How they make it work

Although there are some sharp contrasts in their personalities, Jason and Rosie find a way to make it all work. Rosie has always been the more reserved of the two, and this reflects even in her fashion choices.


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Jason, on the other hand, is more flamboyant. This, however, does not in any way get in the way of their relationship.

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It may be hard getting over the fact that they have 20 years between them, but working in the same industry does help a lot. They share many professional acquaintances and business interests that are not dependent on age in the least. They welcomed their first child, Jack, on June 24th, 2017.

When asked about how they make their romance work, the answer was pretty simple.

Jason said: ‘We get drunk and float around the swimming pool’, to which Rosie added; ‘We’re best mates. He makes me laugh every day. I almost feel like I never had a proper boyfriend before.’

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