Garth Brooks Fired Up An Awesome Duet With Justin Timberlake, And Nashville Was Taken By Storm

Date February 8, 2018

It happened in 2014 during the 20/20 Experience World Tour in Nashville. Justin Timberlake, a popular pop-star, decided to sing a country classic song. He did that because the event took place in the Country Music Capital of the World!


As always, when he had barely started performing, the beaming crowd went haywire! Even his backup singers and band members seemed to be excited while making “Friends In Low Place” song.

Barely finishing one verse and a chorus, Justin stopped the band. He said, “Something don’t feel right, Nashville.” And straight away, he asked Garth Brooks, the original songwriter, to join him.

From that moment, the show took a whole new dimension as the crowd literally lost their minds in screams and cheers. Justin and Garth sang every word with the crowd. It was amazing.


This is one of those performances that one should see with their own eyes. So, take a moment and watch the video below.

What an incendiary performance! Justin Timberlake proved once more that he is a multi-talented person and that him singing duet with Garth Brooks was an amazing idea!

We thank both singers for their inspiring performance and wish to see other interesting collaborations!

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