JLo And Eva Langoria Are Furious And Speak Up For Keaton Jones On Their Instagram Accounts


December 11, 2017 17:28 By Fabiosa

With the fact that one in four students in the United States has experienced being bullied in school at least once, it is a subject we can no longer sweep under the carpet.

That explains why finding solutions to bullying in our schools have become a major concern to several individuals and organizations around the country today.

Keaton Jones’s story

Kimberly Jones, shared a video of her son on her Facebook page shortly after she had picked him up from school because he was too afraid to go for lunch. With tears in his eyes as he tried to explain, Keaton asked:

Just out of curiosity, why do they bully? What’s the point of it?

Apparently, the lad couldn't bring himself to come to terms with why people do this. According to him, they had poured milk on him at lunch, made fun of his nose, called him ugly and all manner of unpleasant names.

And the fact that seemed to single him out of the class to be mean to him made him feel really bad.

Celebs’ reactions to Keaton’s story

Following the appearance of Keaton’s story online, several people have taken the opportunity to air their views on this act that is fast becoming a norm in our school.

And most touching is the fact that the celebrities aren't left out in this anti-bullying movement at all.

Eva Longoria responded with a message on Twitter. Sharing his video, she added a cute message saying:

Victoria Beckham, the English fashion designer and businesswoman, responded with a message on Instagram as well. She even took the opportunity to express that she was bullied as well and knows exactly how that hurts.

Jennifer Lopez also left a message for Keaton on Instagram. In her words, it broke her heart to see what Keaton had to go through but assured him he is not alone in this.

The Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin also lent his voice to this story. He described Keaton as a smart guy and stated that he would love to bring to hang out with him in Vegas.

Jones gets invited to Avengers.

As part of the responses to his story, Chris Evans tweeted to Keaton saying:

This turned out to be the popular Christian quote that "all things work together for good" as Keaton's bullies just got him and his mother a ticket to LA for the Avengers premiere next year.

It is truly commendable how our celebrities came out en mass to show their support for Keaton while condemning the act of bullying in our schools.

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