Triplets Born At The Beginning Of The Third Trimester Grow Up To Live A Normal Life

Date December 12, 2017 11:40

Children are a gift, a gift that cannot be estimated in figures. Whitney Houston was right, "They are the future." Can anything be more beautiful than a parent holding their child in their arms after a journey in the womb for nine months?

The morning sickness, leg cramps, frequent eating and visits to the doctor are soon forgotten as the child draws in his first air and lets out that shrill cry that announces to the world, “I’ve arrived.” The story of a couple brings more joy and tears to our eyes.

Chloe and Rohan Dunstan's family story

After series of visits to the doctor, it was discovered Chloe and Rohan Dunstan's baby girl was in a very compromised and disadvantaged position and they risked losing her if the pregnancy was carried to term.

The survival of the two boys in the womb will be at the cost of their daughter. The parents decided and took the hard way. They delivered the babies at just 28 weeks into the pregnancy!

A difficult birth

This shows that love of a parent doesn't only come alive when the baby announces, "Mom, Pap, I'm now on planet earth!" But it starts from way back in the womb.

With much hope and courage, the babies were born prematurely and they weighed very little and looked fragile, weak and unassuming. The following weeks will prove different as they literally grew in size and weight.

This was a miracle happening right before the eyes of everyone.

Update on their lives

Though the three children had survived, the little girl had already begun developing complications, there were issues with her little heart, her brain, and body. She survived, but she hasn’t grown as much as her brothers.

Nevertheless, they will sure be glad they now have a sister and not just sad memories of how their parents allowed her to die just so they can live.

11 weeks after this untimely delivery of the children, they returned home. And were named Henry, Rufus, and Pearl.

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