Parental Love: Dad Becomes Homeless For His Daughter's Sake

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December 12, 2017 12:30 By Fabiosa

We all know Superman who soars in the air with his epic red and blue stripes, right? But recently, the world has zeroed in on the heroic acts of a super-dad who went all out (just like Superman does), to get his child off the streets in the hope that she embraces rehab to speed up her journey to recovery.

A father's love

In recent times, the US government led by Donald Trump has brought national attention to the alarming state of the Opiate rise-up. In the midst of trying to raise awareness about the devastating effects of these drugs, a documentary was aired and the parents saw their daughter, Meghan, on TV.

Immediately, the superman ability, that tendency to save, rose up with her dad and he sought to bring her home.

Father relocates to the street.

Nothing beats the love of a parent for their child. No one wishes that his child grows up to become a menace to the society, but life happens, many times and kids go astray.  This story Paul DiGiacomo reveals the depths of love and the extent a father can go to restore his daughter.

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While many may respond with anger, more condemnation or denial to their wayward children, Paul, whose daughter, Meghan, has become a heroin addict, left his cozy apartment and guess where he headed to? The streets.

He relocated to the streets to experience life with his daughter and to convince her to embrace rehabilitation.

Paul strikes a chord in his daughter's heart.

Meghan understands that this is a grave sacrifice on her dad's part, and is even worried about him as he spends time with her. It has gotten to the point where the one to be rescued is now getting more concerned about the one who came to rescue her.

Only a child who is stone-hearted will watch her dad endure uncomfortable living conditions just because of their own wrongdoing.

With the commitment and deploying of resources to the cause of getting people off the use of these hard drugs, it is certain that we will have more people like Meghan motivated to get off the streets and to start living a good life again. After all, everyone deserves a second chance or another chance.

So, will this father's love rescue Meghan from the throes and pains of addiction? Will Paul live to see his daughter restored? Time will tell, but one thing is sure. Love wins. Every time.

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