Kirk And Anne's Love Story: After 60+ Years Of Marriage They Still Stand Strong

Date December 20, 2017

In a world where the rate of divorce is on the rise, the story of Kirk Douglas and Anne Buydens is a source of inspiration to couples out there. Having been married for over sixty years, the couple is still as in love as ever.

In their book, "Kirk and Anne: Letters of Love, Laughter, and a Lifetime in Hollywood", the couple shares their story and how the letters they wrote to each other kept their love alive and burning.


It was not love at first sight.

Back in the early 1950s when Kirk first met Anne, he was already a famous actor with women clamoring around him and hanging on his every word due to his charm and charisma. Already used to women falling at his feet, Kirk was taken aback when Anne turned him down when he first asked her out.


Though Anne went on to work with him as his publicist, their relationship remained platonic as she didn't want to get her heart broken. Despite her resistance, Anne lost her heart one night when they attended a charity gala at the circus.

The stars were allowed to join in the circus performance and Kirk proved to Anne he wasn't just an onscreen star when he scooped up elephant dung while dressed in a tuxedo. And that was the night that took their relationship to a whole new level.

At the time Kirk was still engaged to his co-star Pier Angeli but Anne patiently waited for him as she believed his love for Angeli will fizzle out and it did when Kirk broke his engagement to Pier. Kirk and Anne later got married in 1954 while in Las Vegas.


Letters of Love, laughter, and a lifetime in Hollywood

In a book recently published by the couple title Kirk and Anne, they share the love letters they wrote back and forth over the years they've been together. Kirk being an actor was away most of the time in movie locations, they filled up the time spent apart by sending love letters to each other.

Anne kept the love letters which they later published in the book.

She wrote:

I am so sad and depressed. I don't think I ever wanted to be near you as much as right now.

The toilet paper is too hard; the coffee is too strong … the telephones are impossible. Don't I sound like a true American? But even being a European broad, what on Earth am I doing here!!!


Anne wrote in one of the letters in 1956. They would often communicate their love and how much they missed each other in their letters.

Over six decades of marriage and still counting.

Kirk who just turned 101 and Anne 98 have been married for over sixty years. It wasn't always a bed of roses when it comes to their marriage as there were times Kirk cheated on Anne but he always told her about it and she always forgave him. Over six decades later, they have two kids together and two kids from Kirk's previous marriage, they might as well be the oldest couple in Hollywood.


In a world where people choose between fame and family, its inspiring and great to see such great example of a love that stood the test of time despite the fame. Anne and Douglas are the true examples of a love that keeps growing day after day.

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