"The Voice" Contestant Brooke Simpson Does Justice To Popular Christian Hymn "Amazing Grace"

Date December 11, 2017

Over the years, certain gospel songs have rightly earned the appellation of “timeless classics”. Apart from being known and sang by many, they have been passed down from one generation to the other and still sound amazing each time.

A proper example of this is the popular hymn “Amazing Grace”. Written by the English poet and clergy John Newton and published in 1779, it is still an awesome song today.

The Voice / YouTube

Brooke Simpson nails “Amazing Grace”.

After several people sang "Amazing Grace", one would assume that there is nothing new to the song again. But each time a new artist comes on the scene the song takes up a new twist.

That was the case when Brooke Simpson, a 26-year-old North Carolina contestant on “The Voice” sang the popular hymn. She brought the song alive in a whole new way that the cheering crowd could hardly hold their peace as she performed it.

The Voice / YouTube

Her rendition of the ageless classic did so well that it quickly ranked No 2 on iTunes according to Charisma News.

Miley Ray Cyrus tweets about Brooke's single.

It was even more interesting to see that Brooke Simpson’s performance wasn’t just enjoyed by the studio audience or the general public. It turns out that celebrities also thought the song was cool.

Popular actress and songwriter, Miley Ray Cyrus was all praises as she took to the internet with a tweet about Brooke’s rendition of Amazing Grace.

Brooke Simpson's background

Born to parents who were both evangelists, Brooke discovered her love for music at the age of seven. She used to travel from church to church with ever parents during the weekends and later reported:

Songs like this are the reason why I fell in love with music. My mom and dad are full-time evangelists

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to this performance, you can do so below. Thank you, Brooke, for blessing our hearts so much with this song!

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